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Balestrand fjord adventures is based in Balestrand and was started by me, Lars Arne Målsnes in 2009 under the name Målsnes fjordopplevingar. Our boats are a Tornado High Perfomance 9,5 and a Humber offshore, both with 2*300 hp Yamaha engines. The boats are designed to give you a comfortable ride, even in rough sea.

Balestrand fjord adventures offers you the best way of exploring the Sognefjord from our sightseeing trips. We also aim to give our costumers as good experiance of the fjord as possible. Therefore we set safety highly and safety instructions will be given before the trip starts. You will also be given life wests and souts that has floting elements and keep you dry and warm. We also try to costumize the trip to each individuals wishes about speed route and stops on the way for photos.

RIB tours Departing daily

Balestrand Fjord Sightseeing

A fast sightseeing trip showing and explaining Balestrand’s sights from the fjord

Nærøyfjorden Tour

Ride from the widest part of the Sognefjord to its narrowest arm

  • 8:45 daily from the Tourist Information Office

  • May 2nd to September 11th

  • Lasts 2.5 hours

Private tours

We offer both Balestrand Fjord Sightseeing and Nærøyfjord tour as private trips.

  • Nærøyfjord (2.5 hours)

  • Finnabotn (2 hours)

  • Balestrand Fjord Sightseeing (1 hour 20 minutes)

  • Ortnevik (… hours)

  • Fjærland (… hours)

  • Vik (…)

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