Harbor Services

Harbor fee per night

150 NOK Under 30 feet
190 NOK Over 30 feet

Additional Services

90 NOK Access to shower, 24 hours
90 NOK Access to laundry room, 24 hours
35 NOK Electricity, 24 hours

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You can also pay with cash or card at the Tourist Information Office, directly in front of the harbor area. The shower and laundry room can be accessed with a code. This will be sent to you if you pay online.

About the laundry room: Unfortunely there is no laundromat in Balestrand, but we do have a landry room, which is a part of the guest harbor. There is one washing machine and one dryer. Inquire at the Tourist Information Office for help with using the machines. Soap is not included, but can be purchased at both grocery stores in Balestrand.

Diesel: To fill your boat with diesel, contact the Joker grocery store.





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