Høyanger's K1 Steps


Høyanger's K1 Steps


Guided hike up 1268 steps, alongside the pipe carrying water to the K1 hydroelectric station.

  • Starting point is at the Øren Hotel

  • 2–8 guests

  • About 3 hours

  • Moderate difficulty

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500 NOK Adults
250 NOK Children

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About the hike

Meet your guide at Øren Hotel, in the center of Høyanger. This trip goes through Høyanger’s main square, past the K1 hydroelectric station and up 1268 steps straight up alongside the pipe that gives it water. From approx. step 600, there is a fantastic view of Høyanger. The tunnel at approx. step 1000 is also an interesting experience. It may be a little wet some places along the trail, and certain places may also be steep and slippery. After enjoying the view at the top. you walk back down a less steep road.

We recommend wearing running shoes.