Hiking Time Calculator

When looking at a map, it can be difficult to understand how long a route will take. This calculator puts together a few rules of thumb from the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), and we have found that its estimates are close to our experience of the times needed for hiking in Balestrand.

When using the calculator, make sure to use the total number of kilometers, that is, double the amount of linear routes where you come back the same way. The calculator gives one quarter of the hiking time as the recommended rest time, our interpretation of the DNT recommendation to add an hour of rest per 4 to 5 hours of hiking.

The hike grading controls how much time is added per meters of ascent and descent. The DNT recommends adding 15 minutes per 100 meters of ascent and 7.5 minutes per 100 meters of descent. For easy trails, we subtract 50% and for demanding trails we add 50%. For trails graded as very demanding, this calculator shouldn’t be used as a guide. Be aware that weather has an affect on how difficult a trail is. For example, a demanding boggy trail can become easy when frozen, or an easy trail can become waterlogged and demanding after heavy rain.